Welcome to Mr. Gomm's Online Music Classroom at Old Bethpage Elementary School!

What's happening in the music room?

(11/19 - 11/27)






Now that we are familiar with the concept of an accompaniment, we are moving on to performing more complicated accompaniments on the xylophones for our singing games! We are also exploring the cultural meaning behind the piece Dragon Rhymes by Chen Yi!

We are continuing work on our two part singing of the round, "Frere Jacques"! We are using rubrics to provide peer feedback on our recorder performances, and we are learning our fourth note, G!

We are learning to count rhythms using the numeric counting system, we are learning to sight sing music from notation, and we will be transferring our knowledge of our choral music to reading octavos!

We continued our exploration of ascending and descending music by singing and moving to our elevator song! We are exploring good posture and tone with our singing voices while singing the song "Things I am Thankful For!"

We are learning to distinguish between rhythm and beat, one of the most important foundational skills in music! We are moving to the beat, playing the rhythms of songs on the drums, and playing the rhythms of our names! We are also continuing to develop our singing voices!

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