Welcome to Mr. Gomm's Online Music Classroom at Old Bethpage Elementary School!

What's happening in the music room?

(1/6/20 - 1/13/20)






Now that we have listened to, analyzed, and performed Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride, it is time to create our own listening maps for the piece of music using the knowledge we have learned!

We will learn to sing a new round and apply are new skills in two-part singing! We will learn our longest song yet on the recorders, Entrance of the Dragon Riders, as we continue to improve our ability to read notation and expressively play dynamics!

We are studying how film composers and foley artists create music in movies! After taking a "virtual field trip" to see professionals in action, it is time to try composing music for an animated short ourselves!

We are continuing to explore how to recognize high and low pitches as we draw the path of music we hear on dry-erase boards! We are learning to sing and perform expressively to a song about the months of the year!

After listening to Debussy's "Snow is Dancing", we will apply our knowledge of dynamics and learn to perform crescendos and decrescendos while performing a musical snow storm of our own!

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